How To Fix Kuaiyong App Crash


Note: This method also seems to work for the rare error when your iDevice starts demanding your Apple ID and password every time you try to run an app downloaded via Kuaiyong.

Recently, I’ve receiving complaints that apps installed through Kuaiyong repeatedly crash. Well, I did some research and I found two key reasons why the apps crash. The crashes start to occur:

  1. After rebooting your iDevice.
  2. After updating any app, paid or free, that was downloaded from the App Store.

Don’t worry, these crashes are just temporary and are harmless. Also, I have a neat little tutorial to fix this problem.

Fixing Kuaiyong App Crash Bug

Click images to enlarge.

1. Connect your iDevice to the computer and run Kuaiyong.

2. Click the button encircled in blue.

url2   Step 2

3. Click this button (blue, below, with the tools icon).

url3   Step 3

4. A dialog box will open. Click the button which says confirm in Chinese (it’s the only button on it so you should have no difficulty :P).

5. The process will start and complete with three green ticks. (If it doesn’t show the green ticks just start the process again.)

Hopefully, this works for you. If it doesn’t then comment below and I’ll see to it.

We have no idea why this error happens in the first place but we are looking into it. Meanwhile, happy cracking!